POVERTY is root of misfortunes is not said in vain .Millions of people through out the world suffer due to poverty. At times parents , relatives & friends leave the person all alone to fight with destiny when a person gets trapped in the clutches of poverty.You will also agree what I have said above after reading the following.

This is photograph of 8 years old Gao An-ni, who is from a village of China . An-ni is suffering from a tumor in her under lip. She was born with the under lip tumor. His father took her to a hospital in 2007 but after coming across the cost of operation , he took her back to home as he could not afford her medical treatment & now An-ni is fighting with her destiny all alone.

This is photograph of 29 years old Chen Congfa, also known as MONKEY MAN .Chen who weighs 20 Kgs is from China. He was born with the facial deformity . As his poor parents cannot manage money for Chen's treatment , Chen is living on God's mercy .

In a nut shell Poverty is deadly enemy of man.

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