Unfortunately many people still believe in blind faiths although living in 21st Century. These people are responsible for evil practices like child sacrifice , female infanticide etc in our society . Illiteracy , greed , lust make people easily believe in blind faiths. In recent past an elderly woman from Ahmadabad had put her 3 years old grand daughter to death in the hope that her death will bring wealth & birth of male child in the family.

The lady was told by a practitioner of black magic that , if she wants wealth & male child in her family she must kill her 3 years old innocent grand daughter . The old lady believed in the tantrik's words & plotted her own grand daughter's death . One day she took her on the top of her house & than threw her in the water tank . For 3 days the girls parents searched their daughter but they were unsuccessful. On the fourth day one of the girl's aunt went on the top of the house to check that why the taste of water has changed suddenly ..... she was surprised to see , the girl's dead body floating in the tank & was unable to bear the offensive smell of the dead body . The child's parents were in tears but they felt that it was not a natural death of their daughter . So they lodged a police complaint in the local police station in Ahmadabad. The police stared their work & suspected that there was some one from within the family who has done this criminal offense .The Police efforts did not go in vain & finally caught the culprit . The whole family was shocked to know that the child was put to death by her own grand mother for wealth & male child . When the old lady was interrogated , she mentioned about the tantrik who had suggested her to do this offense. The police arrested both , the old lady & tantrik . The news made me realize that people are still salves of blind faiths even in the 21st century.whole news was telecasted on a popular news channel few months ago .

Another funny but true news was of a man who married a female dog to atone for sin . According to the news paper , 33 years old Selvakumar married a female dog because he had killed some 15 years ago two dogs & immediately after killing his body was paralyzed . An astrologer therefore suggested him to marry a female dog to get rid of the sin which he has made by killing the dogs. On 12th November 2007 , Salvekumar tied a knot with the female dog in Ganesh temple . The dog was dressed in sari & according to Hindu Vedic system they got married. Selvakumar even tied a mangalsutra in the female dog's neck & he named her Selvi. After the wedding the relatives of Selva Kumar had lunch . Selvakumar has promised to take the care of the female dog through out his life. On reading this news I simply felt like laughing because by just getting married with a dog one I can get rid of his sin of killing dogs than all murders who kill so many people will get rid of their sins by getting married to many women. What do you say ?

Thus according to me blind faiths are root of malpractices in our society.

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Unknown said...

I also heard that the man had sex with the female dog and now they are blessed with twins who are half human and half dogs.