Marathon is getting popular in metro cites but can you tell me significance of Marathon except for the publicity of the company which is sponsoring & of some Bollywood celebrities who will run in Marathon .I do not understand the concept that just by running cum walking for a day what do a common man achieve .

In fact for people who are not exercising regularly it is a painful event since their muscles will not be able to handle the extra load of work as a result they may experience muscle cramps.Also the Vehicular transportation gets affected .Although Marathon are held on Sundays people find difficulties in moving about .Last year an elderly lady expired after participating in Marathon .She was a heart patient & still she participated.

According to me Bollywood celebrities benefit a lot.For next few days they will be in news papers just by running cum walking 1/2 or less kilometers .Another who will benefit is Mineral Water Companies .Next according to me are the International professional runners who are hired .


Mumbai is Lakshmi ki Nagariya. People from all over India love to be Citizens of Mumbai.Every day thousands of people from outside Mumbai come to Mumbai to examine
their destiny . Many people come to try their luck in Bollywood .Many just want to have a darshan of Big B. Some people love the sea and most of the other people want to be as wealthy as LN Mittal .

If we conduct a survey on dreams of non Mumbaikars .The obvious answer will be, that people see Mumbai in their dreams. People are in fact attracted by the glamor.I have heard people saying that they feel proud when they carry a plastic bag of some shop of Mumbai in their city.According to them it is very prestigious & it seems that the person has visited Mumbai therefore they do not throw shopping bags of Mumbai unless & until they are torn .

Although Mumbai is maya nagri it is also a nagrari of tremendous Hard Work & Hustle & Bustle. The proverb No gains without pains is true for Mumbai.Also one needs luck & Mahalakshmi ki krupa to become successful in Mumbai.Thus in a nut shell if one aspect of Mumbai is Glamor & Wealth the other aspect of Mumbai is extreme hard work , hustle & bustle.


The proverb " Jaako raakhe Saaiya maar sakae na koi " is not said in vain .Death & Birth are all in the hands of the Supreme Power........GOD . In the picture above you can see a female monkey holding her baby tightly & the baby monkey is wearing a pitcher on his head.

The baby monkey's head got trapped in the metallic pitcher for three days & still the monkey survived.The incident occurred approximately one year ago at Gautampura village in Madhya Pradesh, looking at the plight of the baby, the mother got agitated & clutched her baby close to her chest as a result the rescue operation was delayed for three days .Finally the forest department officials used a tranquillizer gun for one mother & netted the other & rescued the baby.The officials said that this poor deed is done by animal trappers.

The baby who was severely dehydrated survived proving that Jaako raakhe Saaiya maar sakae na koi.