Defense Mechanisms as described by Psychologist Sigmund Freud are ways by which all of us (Human beings) reduce anxiety & frustrations, which we come across in our day to day life.

1) RATIONALIZATION: It is a psychological process where we give logical but false excuses for our behavior.

Example: If a person does not get grapes to eat he / she will say I do not like grapes because they are not looking good or the person may say I have sore throat therefore I do not want to have grapes.

2) DISPLACEMENT: It is a psychological behavior where in a person expresses his/her unpleasant feelings against an object different from the object which is actually causing frustration.

Example: A women may start hitting his son after she has a fight with her husband.

3) SUBLIMATION: Is a psychological process wherein an individual engages in a socially desirable substitute activity to gratify a frustrated motive.

Example: A person who fails in his love life may start writing romantic poems. A very good example of this is when Dr. Harivansh Rai Bacchan's first wife Shyama expired he wrote Madhushala.

4) REACTION FORMATION: Is a process in which we act in a way which is exactly opposite to what we thinking.

Example: A person may appreciate another person for his/her dressing style but from within he is thinking, How ugly that person is looking?

5) COMPENSATION: Is a process where in an individual tries to overcome his limitations.

Example: I always wanted to become a doctor but I did not succeed therefore I chose Dietetics which is a Para-medical field.

6) IDENTIFICATION: Is a process in which the individual accepts other people's desirable qualities as his own.

Example: Many boys imitated Salman Khan's hair style of Tere Naam.

7) REGRESSION: In regression the individual goes back to childish or primitive forms of behavior in the face of frustration.

Example: A grown-up person may cry like a child in the event of failure.

8) PROJECTION: In projection an individual blames others for his shortcomings & mistakes.

Example: An actor who has not performed well may blame the director or the script of the movie.

9)DAY DREAMING : Is a process where individuals starts visualizing that all his unfulfilled wishes are full filled.Day dreaming is also known as fantasy.

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