I often used to wonder , how easy is for Muslim husbands to break at any time the pious relationship of marriage as right from my childhood I have heard & seen in movies , plays , TV serials etc that if a Muslim husband says TALAQ thrice , the couple gets immediately divorced. Thus just in a blink of eye a woman no longer remains wife of her husband . This made me always feel that the relationship between Muslim couples is very weak as it is easily broken by a word TALAQ . However in recent past my computer technician , Mr. Ahmed Khan changed my conceptions about Talaq by explaining to me the actual process of Talaq which is mentioned in Quran Shariff

According to Quran , the process of Talaak takes months & the husband does not say TALAQ THRICE AT A TIME. So if the couple is finding difficulties in adjusting with each other , the husband will say Talaq once & then he will wait for one month . If the couple resolves their differences then they will go ahead with their relationship other wise the husband will say TALAQ for the second time . After saying Talaq for the second time , the husband has to wait for one more month. Again if the couple copes up with each others expectations then they will continue with their relation or else the Husband will say TALAQ for the third time & the couple will then finally gets separated.

Thus is we go by Quran Shariff , Talaq is not simple , it takes months however many people have changed the rule of Talaq according to their own convenience .Quran Sharif also mentions that if a husband give divorce to his wife & then wants to remarry his wife then the wife has to marry first another man then she should have relationship with that man & then after giving divorce to that man she can again marry her first husband . Unfortunately Muslims have accepted this rule as it is .

Through this post I just want to convey that the actual process of Talaq in Quran Sharif is differnt from what we see & hear in movies , serials etc. Many people have modified the rule of Talaq according to their convenience . It is not jsut in Islaam but in almost all religions that people do not follow the principles mentioned in the religious scriptures & therefore the religion loses its purity.

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