I generally do not prefer buffet system even before taking food in my plate I feel satiety .Standing in the queue at the food counter like a show piece makes me feel odd. On top of this the weight of plates annoys me. In most of the 7 & 8 stars hotels like Taj, Hayaat Regency etc the plates are of ceramic as a result the plates are very heavy & you know standing in the queue with such heavy plates almost fill my stomach. The list of reasons to why I hate buffet system does not end here, my whole concentration is on my attires & not on food because I do not want any one to spill dal, sabzi, ice cream on my clothes & you know how embarrassing is to move about in party with a yellow or any other colour food stain on your robes .Few years back one young boy spilled cold drink on my kurta & because of that I have to sit in a corner throughout out the party.

Many times I have experienced that people in hurry to get food , unconsciously put their shoes or sandals on your feet & it hurts so badly that your party mood completely spoils. The person will than turn towards you & will say sorry but sorry does not decrease the pain. Apart from this now a days in most of the bigger hotels only fork is provided with the plate by the waiter & there is no spoon on the counter. Now it is next to impossible for me to eat dal , sabzi & rice with fork . Eating rice & dal with hands without spoon looks very indecent. Sometimes I have seen that bowls ( katori ) are also not given with the plates & one has to take directly all the food in the plate. In this situation I avoid dal , sabzi , curd etc & only fill my stomach with papad & sweet dish . One more thing I hate people who fill their plate with food items once only. They make a mountain of food on plate. It looks so dirty so I never fill my plate just take 2-3 items at a time but than it is very irritating to again stand in long queue & get the rest of the food. So I take once & than keep my plate.

Due to all these reasons I like the traditional Pangat system. Where people sit on floor & other people serve food with respect. The Pangat system is best according to me as we can relax & eat food we do not have to run here & there for food & than for a chair to sit .Also digestion is proper if we sit & eat food.

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