When ever I recall my childhood, glimpse of Doordarshan shows rush into my mind. When I was a child Doordarshan was baetaj badshah as there was no other TV channel to compete with Doordarshan. I still remember most of the Doordarshan shows. I used to eagerly wait for weekly shows like Karam Chand, Mungeri lal ke haseen sapnae, Nukad, Buniyaad etc. The best thing about these shows was there was no recap of previous episode. Now a days a lot of time is wasted because of recap system .Apart fro this all Doordarshan shows were weekly & with fixed number of episodes. Mungari lal ke hassen sapnae which still adore was only of 13 episodes.

During summer holidays there used to be fairy tale shows in the afternoon time on Doordarshan .Alice in the wonder land, Pilipka our little son, Jack & the bean stock are some of my favorite fairy tales. Fairytales & Panchtantra khanis inculcate in children moral values like honesty, truth, hard work, sacrifice, sincerity, forgiveness, love etc. Therefore according to me young children must read & watch fairy tales & other short moral stories. However I feel very sorry for today’s young children because their moral development is adversely affected by Saas-bahu, fashion & gaming type of TV shows. Although there is boom of TV channels but hardly any TV channel telecasts shows like Vikram Betaal, Daadi aamma ki potli, Arabian Knights like Sindbaad, Ali Baba aur challis chor. Personally I feel this one of the reason of WHY TODAYS’S YOUNG CHILDREN BEHAVELIKE ADULTS? , WHY CHILDREN DO NOT RESPECT ELDERS?

I am sure you must have seen the promos of RAMAYAN EK ACCHI AADAT on ND TV IMAGINE. The promos too elucidate on what I mentioned above that today’s children are spoiling & they should watch shows which aids in moral development. In one of the promos a young girl says to her mother’s friend ‘Mujhae pata hai tumhari ladki kisiladke ke saath bhaag gayi hogi kyuki us Mei abhi javaani ka khoon daud raha hai, lekin chinta mat karo kal subah tak laut aayegi .

Thus TV channels should telecast shows which will help in the development of moral values of children. Since the future of India is in the hands of today’s young children

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