In schools & colleges during break time students love to imitate teachers & professors. In fact it is a way of recreation. Although I never imitated any of my teachers but I was unable to control my laughter when my classmates used to imitate teachers.

I have noticed that teachers & professors with course of time become habitual . They behave in a same manner in every lecture .I observed that some teachers unconsciously repeat same word, some make a particular sound, one of my teacher used to make a sound of “aa…..n “after every 5-6 minutes .As a result of which some mischievous students pick up teachers or professors habit & than easily imitate the teacher in free time.

When ever I think about my school days & students imitating teachers, I remember my science teacher, Mr. Khalghatti who taught me science in 10th standard. Mr. Khalghatti had harsh looks, he was rude by nature & very strict, his eyes were red like tomatoes & his spectacle was always on his nose... All of us named him as ‘ KALA KHATTA SIR ‘ .This is a brief description of Mr. Khalghatti Sir but what made some naughty students to imitate him was his style of punishing students. When ever he used to get angry. He first took out his watch &spectacle than he used to roll up his sleeves than without uttering a word with his index finger he used to call the student who made him angry. When the student comes towards him, Mr. Khalghatti used to lift the face of the student with his finger like how a man lifts the face of his newly wedded wife & than he slapped with both his hands.

Now let me tell you the way Mr. Khalghatti used to slap was unique till today I have not seen any other person slapping like Khalghatti sir. As I wrote earlier he slapped with both his hands at a time but the astonishing fact was his hands used to go cross .Meaning his right hand on the left cheek & the left hand on the right cheek of the student. Within a blink of eye the students cheek turned red because of 16-20 slaps at a time but the funniest thing was the students who were slapped did not cry but instead they smiled , I do not know why ? Now looking at the process of punishment it was very hard for rest of the students to control laughter but before anyone starts giggling Khalghatti sir used to say loudly ‘ SIT LIKE STATUES “ & if he finds any one laughing than that student will also will be slapped by him . Many times it happened that 2-3 students were slapped because of laughing.

It was very difficult for us to control laughter so we used to cover our face with handkerchief or with hands or sometimes we used to look in books as if we are reading something seriously. I always used to look down on the floor to avoid eye contact with Khalghatti sir &other student’s .After Mr. Khalghatti’s departure from class the student who got the punishment used to imitate Kalghatti sir . The student who got those tight slaps would become Kalghatti sir& one of his friends would become student & the whole process of slapping was repeated. Than the whole class would laugh like anything.

I remember among my classmates Mayur, Harish & Manoj were punished maximum by Kalghatti sir. As I am writing about Kalghatti sir &his slapping process I am unable to control my laughter & I can never forget his words ‘ SIT LIKE STATUES

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