Should baby Hanuman do modeling................?

Would you like to see Baby Hanumana modeling for diapers? Are Actors and Models so expensive that advertisers have to consider God and Goddess for advertisement of a product?The answers to these Questions is definitely ' NO '.

It is my duty to throw light on page No-24 of 14 December 2006 edition of JAM MAGAZINE.
On this page there is an ad where there is a photograph of Lord Shiva’s Shivling beneath which it is written " khada Hai to Condom Hai" .This ad was in Support of WORLD’S AIDS DAY. No doubt the cause of ad was GOOD but the concept of ad is WORST.There could be better ad to support WORLD AIDS DAY, isn't it? In my opinion there could be an ad like this where write up like bellow is written in the center of the magazine’s page

Offering Flowers to God
Observing Fasts on Certain days
Giving Charity to the poor
Chanting Mantras of God
Visiting Temples, Mosque or Church
But also by remaining truthful and Committed to his or her Spouse throughout life.

I am not at all saying any-thing against JAM magazine. In fact it is very informative but In my opinion ad like this should not be encouraged because GOD is GOD.

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