The great soul passed away when I was around 5 & therefore I did not see him . The fact that makes me feel unlucky is that he used to give lectures in WOOD LAND APARTMENTS on PEDDER ROAD which is very close to my building but since I was very young I never attended his lectures. I heard from people that he did not preach good things & so it is bad to take even his name & this made me curious to know more about him .

Although I had never visited any of his followers lectures till date but I have read some of his magazines & heard few of his audio tapes & on the basis of these audio visual aids I can say he was THE MOST INTELLIGENT MAN ON EARTH . He had knowledge on each & everything. I can say nothing was not known to him. He knew almost all languages & he visited all most all countries . When ever I think about Osho I wonder how one can remember everything ? & how one man can have knowledge on every subject ? . Was he a computer ?

As the title of the post is OSHO & ME , let me share with you the reason for chossing this title . According to Osho , in world the most beautiful & meaningful name is " MOKSH " & he likes this name from bottom of his heart . Now as you know my name is MOKSHA. I started feeling proud when I came to know that it is Acharya Rajneesh's favourite name .From the day I have started reading Osho's magazines I too try to gather info on different topics like religion , customs , science , fiction , history etc. & even tried to learn few different languages .Although I cannot reach Osho's intellectual level but because of him I have improved my GK to a certain extent & I always give credit to Osho when people praise me for my general knowledge.

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