Asit Kumar Dutta lovingly known as Asitda an elderly man from Samastipur , is a Jewel of our society , an ideal for many people & a real companion of unclaimed dead bodies.Yes you must be wondering what do I mean by," real companion of unclaimed dead bodies " .I know it sounds very strange but Asitda who is a retired Class IV Railway employee has friendship with the dead.

From last 50 years he is performing last reties of unclaimed or abandoned dead bodies which he finds near the banks of the Bruhi Gandak river in Samastipur.Performing last rites of dead people has become part of his daily schedule. Every day in the morning he first heads to the river & if he finds any unclaimed body he volunteers his or her funeral. Asitda also donates money to people who cannot afford the funeral ceremony of their beloveds.In 1957 Asitda participated in a discussion in Japan where he emphasized on the importance of last rites among Indians.

Asitda's contribution to Indian society through his social work is worth praising.It depicts social work needs determination,devotion , dedication & heart to donate money.

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