The proverb " Jaako raakhe Saaiya maar sakae na koi " is not said in vain .Death & Birth are all in the hands of the Supreme Power........GOD . In the picture above you can see a female monkey holding her baby tightly & the baby monkey is wearing a pitcher on his head.

The baby monkey's head got trapped in the metallic pitcher for three days & still the monkey survived.The incident occurred approximately one year ago at Gautampura village in Madhya Pradesh, looking at the plight of the baby, the mother got agitated & clutched her baby close to her chest as a result the rescue operation was delayed for three days .Finally the forest department officials used a tranquillizer gun for one mother & netted the other & rescued the baby.The officials said that this poor deed is done by animal trappers.

The baby who was severely dehydrated survived proving that Jaako raakhe Saaiya maar sakae na koi.

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