n the effort of making Mumbai Shanghai, Indian Govt. in recent past, passed some laws pertaining to cleanliness. The laws came into effect & within a short period only the laws disappeared. According to me a major reason to why the laws did not work is that the laws were baseless. To make my point clear , I am throwing light on some laws which were made to make Mumbai Shanghai.

The owner of the pet will be penalized if the pet pass his or her excreta on streets or roads. This was one of the laws which was passed by Govt. few months back. Now tell what is the provision for street animals under this law. Where the street animals will excrete? Who will be penalized if the street animals like dogs, cats, and cows will pass their stools in public places? Also one more question which came to my mind was, will the Govt. , appoint officers to keep an eye on animals? Well after going through my questions you too will agree the law is baseless. The law can only be successfully implemented if the Govt. makes separate toilets for animals on roads. Also the street animals should be trained to use the toilets by Govt. officials. You will say I have gone crazy it is impossible to make common toilets for animals & who will maintain that? That is exactly what I am saying that the law is baseless & that is why no one followed it. Today animals are freely passing their excreta on roads & streets of Mumbai.

Another law which was passed was that anyone found spitting on road will be penalized. Frankly speaking this law was not as hard as the previous law but still it did not function. In my opinion it is because the Govt. did not take any serious against PAAN, BEDI, TOBACO shops on road sides. If the Govt. does not allow road side Paanwals the problem of spitting on roads will be solved to a great extent.

Thus in a nut shell it is good that Indian Govt. is thinking about making Mumbai to Shanghai but the laws which they made &tired to implement are baseless as a result Mumbai ko Shanghai bananae ka sapna adhura hi rahe gaya .

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