Many a times because of sheer laziness we act carelessly & for which we have to suffer big .To elicit on this, I am sharing wit you a real life incident. Few months back my cousin was hospitalized & was operated because of his mother’s carelessness.

My cousin’s mother on one fine afternoon was stitching some clothes at home. After doing little work she felt sleepy & so she instead of inserting the needle in the thread reel she inserted that needle in the sofa on which she was sitting. She also kept all the clothes that were left, on the sofa & went to sleep. My cousin came from college & as usual switched on the TV to watch the Cricket match. As he was looking at the scores updates on the TV screen, he sat on the sofa. No sooner did he sit on the sofa, he screamed loudly. Everybody thought that Sachin must have hit the ball for six but it was the needle which poked in my cousin’s left buttock. The worst part was that the needle broke & half needle remained in sofa & half inside his buttock. My cousin was immediately rushed to hospital & was operated. Fortunately he got well within a week.

Now when ever I recollect this incident, I feel that just because my aunty was careless her son suffered. It would have hardly taken a minute to put the needle in the right place but out of laziness my aunty inserted the needle in the sofa & as a consequence his son was in pain. The incident which I mentioned is very rare but some very common examples of carelessness are throwing Banana skins on road & going to bed without brushing the teeth. Many people eat Banana & instead of disposing the skin in the garbage area they simply throw on road & move ahead & some unknown person slips on the skin & break his or her bones. People who throw Banana skins carelessly forget that it is possible that they too can slip on the Banana skin thrown by somebody else on road. Similarly many of us out of laziness go to bed at night without brushing our teeth & because of not taking care of our teeth we finally visit dentist either for root canal or tooth extraction.


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