Wedding is a very important custom in all communities .It is a most memorable thing in each & every individuals life .All of us keep the memories of wedding alive through photographs .

Today wedding celebration is a costlier affair. It has become a trend that there should be some kind of stunt in the marriage without which the wedding will not be considered grand .For instance in Abhi & Ash wedding there was duplicate of Salman Khan & Abhishek Bacchan roaming around .In recent past ,Amar Dravid & Sayli Bhagat Pune based NRIs of USA married 7 times.They married according to Hindu Vedic , Chinese , Islamic , Roman , African styles & finally they did court marriage in USA.

In spite of the great expenditure & stunts no Bollywood , Hollywood or Industrialists marriage can be as amazing as wedding ceremony of Lord Shiva & Parvati .It was a wedding celebration where Beasts, Devils ,Animals danced in the wedding procession & other deities joined the procession.

People were crazy for Kajol & Ajay , Abhi & Ash wedding pics but wedding photographs of celebrities cannot be as interesting & amazing as wedding pics of Lord Shiva & Parvati or Ram & Jaanki till eternity.

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