You must have learned various formulae in your School and College days in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geometry etc. Now you can learn formulas with which you can make a long lasting soaps .Below are nine basic formulas by SOAPIST EKTA KAPOOR

No-1) The name of the Soap should start with letter K * This is mandatory.

No-2) There has to be a Saas, Bahu and Sautan.

No-3) There should be at least 2-3 extra-marital affairs.

No-4) There should be an ideal mother and a bad son.

No-5) There has to be Death or Exile of the lead Character.

No-6) Antim Sankar of the character who has died must be shown.Therefore Ekta’s has many white Saris , gent’s kurta payjamas, matkis & other antim sanskar samagris in her studio.

No-7) There has to be re-entry of the lead character.

No-8) The story of the soap should be of a big industrialist’s family with Business turn over of at least 500-600 billions .

No-9) The soap has to take a leap of minimum 20 years.

These are the main formulas of making daily soaps. So common write down in your book , who knows when you need these formulas to make a sabun which is as durable as Ekta’s sabun.

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