I usually listen & enjoy Hindi movie songs but I prefer old bollywood Hindi movies songs of 1960s-1970s. Old Hindi film songs are soothing, touching, meaningful & lively. This is because the lyrics of the old songs are meaningful & sensible. Although new Hindi movie songs make us tap our feet & also we do shake our legs & hips but lyrics wise the songs are generally poor & this is one big reason why we do not enjoy listening to new Hindi movie songs after few months.

In most of the recent Hindi movies the songs have funny & senseless lyrics. For instance there is a song in the movie TASHAN, " DIL DANCE MAARE ". Now I do not understand how a heart can hit a dance? Also if the lyrics were ' DIL DANCE KARAE ‘, than also tell me can a heart dance? According to my knowledge heart can only beat & supply blood to the body.

Did you remember RANG DE BASANTI, in the move there is a song “APNI TO PAATHSHALA ‘. In this song there is a line “DIL MEI KARTA GUD GUD H2SO4 HAI ‘. Now if you have done chemistry practicals in your school or college than you must be aware that H2SO4 is known as Sulphuric acid & it is very strong acid. If by mistake a drop of sulphuric acid falls on any part of body the skin immediately burns & blisters appear. So how it is possible that in human heart their is H2SO4. When I heard this song I thought that the lyricist must not attended Chemistry practical ever in his school or college life.

Few months back the song from the movie APNA SAPNA MONEY MONEY "DIL MEI BAJI GUITAAR "rocked on radio stations all over India. However honestly tell me, have you ever heard a musical instrument being played inside your heart when you are extremely happy? Frankly speaking I never heard any musical instrument in my heart. You can only hear the LUB DUB sound. I feel in the heart of the lyricists of this song, musical instrument are being played day & night & may be in his next composition he may come up with " DIL MEI BAJI DHOLAK OR SHENAYIAAN " . Human hearts are cigarette lighters, excuse me this is not I am saying but the lyricists has conveyed through his song “BIDI JALAI LE JIGAR SE ".

"BHOLI BHALI LADKI, KHOL TERE DIL KI, PYAAR WALI KHIDKI HO HO " few years back this song was picturised on Mamta Kulkarni & Akshay Kumar. I do not really remember the name of the movie but what I cannot forget that the human heart has 4 chambers & not windows.

There are many more new Hindi movie songs with absolutely funny & senseless lyrics & according to me this is one major reason why people still enjoy listening to old Hindi songs as they have very powerful & meaningful lyrics.

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