In simple words communication means exchange of views , thoughts or ideas between two or
more individuals by Verbal or Non verbal means. In order to make our communication effective
it is necessary that we should follow Four Fold Path For Effective Communication .


Empathy means putting one's own feet in other person's shoes or putting one self in other person's situation or looking from other person's perspective. Unless & until we do not look our self in other person's situations or problems we cannot make a right judgment .For instance, if I am not attended by the Doctor on the appointed time, instead of getting annoyed I should put my self in the Doctor's place & than I will realize that the Doctor must have several patients & he might have some urgent call or might have a serious patient whom he needs to attend first. This will help me to behave decently with the Doctor when he attends me. Thus empathy helps us to improve our understanding for an individual & there by our communication becomes effective.


In communication it means honest speaking . Communication is effective when we are honest . In other words we speak what we think & what is true. When we are dishonest the other persons too tries to hide facts. Our gestures & other non-verbal means of communication depicts that what we are saying is not true .
For instance avoidance of eye contact by the speaker with other individuals reveal that the speaker is dishonest.


For effective communication it is very important that the individual give equal opportunities to others to speak & share their view points. At times people do not allow others to communicate their thoughts & if by chance they allow others to present their view points they interfere a lot when the speaker is speaking. This result's in irritation.
For instance a Doctor who does not allow the patient to speak up makes the patient feel restless & irritated. Not only giving equal chance to speak but it also necessary to treat the person with respect & honor .


Supportiveness in communication refers to making the environment comfortable for the who is communicating. We can be supportive by not distracting the communicator . Coughing , sneezing , laughing , giggling , foot taping , napping etc are some of the behaviors which distracts the communicator.

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