Pornography means licentious paintings or writings .Many men all over world have become addicted to Pornography either under the influence of friends or due to loneliness or to satisfy their sexual desires or just for entertainment & last but not least , may be to know more about sexuality. Men spend several hours in week viewing lewd videos ,websites , movies etc. Viewing porn becomes part of their daily schedule.

It has been seen that men who are habitual to pornography gets irritated in the event of failure to view porn material . Also all over the world several people have made pornography as their business & they make young men addicted to it. Men start living
in fantasy when they spend lot of time in pornographic world as a result of which they find difficulties in concentrating on their studies or on career .They feel sleep in day & unable to sleep in night .These are some of the minor effects of addiction Pornography.

However the major effects are men who are unmarried refuse to get married because all their sexual urges get indirectly satisfied . In some cases men become very sexually active & make physical relations with many women without getting married . In case of married men the effects of addiction of pornography is very severe . Married men who are habitual to pornography lose interest in have sexual intercourse with their wives as a consequence of which their wives get irritated .There have been cases where in wives approached Doctors for their help regarding the above issue.

Recently one of my Doctor friend got a case of a newly wedded woman who was disappointed with her husband because her husband was lost in pornographic fantasy & was not willing to have relationship with her. When my friend counseled the husband of young lady he told that he no longer wishes to have physical relationship with his wife as he feels that addiction to porn is better & more satisfactory. Thus men's addiction of pornography is a serious social issue not only because it affects the married couple's relationship but also it does not allow young men to marry. Another thing pornography has become a big business & many innocent women get trapped & lose their virginity & self respect

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