Cricket has become the national game of India .Although there are several other games exclusively played in India like Kabaddi but still Cricket is the one who has acquired the special position in India & thereby in the hearts of Indians.The Indian Cricket team players are the heart beats of millions of Indians & every Indian at least adore one Cricketer .Young children may not know the National Anthem of India but they surely know the names of all Cricketers.Well with just a BALLA (bat ) & GAEND ( ball ) the Cricketers have made the majority of Indians Crazy.

The fans of Cricketwood are very inovative in expressing their love for the Cricketers , they always come up with something different for instance dressing Lord Krishna & Ganeshji as Cricketers during Shri Krishna Janamashtmi & Ganesh Chathuthi. Although this act was highly criticized by the devotees. Some other instances are girls setting fire to themselves after hearing that her favorite Cricketer is getting hooked. Man keeping fast for Sachin's Victory.keeping name of sweets on Cricketers name & flying kites featuring the Indian cricket team

Well that is not the end of Cricket mania ,In past World Beard & Mustache Championship was held in Brighon , UK in September 2007 & the Cricketwood fans imagined the Indian Cricketers to be the participants in the Championship .So below you can see some of the players with unusual mustache. Similarly to wish Indian Doctors on Doctors Day , Indian Cricketers were dressed as doctors .

I hope you liked the Cricketers in the new Avtaar.Well sometimes when I see the Cricket mania I feel it is better to inherit a bat & a ball rather than joolry or property since with just a bat & a ball you can make the whole nation CRAZY FOR YOU ................

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