According to Psychologists & Sociologists when an individual marries,he or she faces a transition in life.This transition is called as Transition to marriage. Although each partner & each couple experience transition to marriage in a unique way there appear to be three typical stages in the transition of single hood to marriage.


In the continuing romantic glow & excitement that accompanies the wedding & honeymoon the couple are likely to experience optimism about any future problems & to expect the dramatic & tingling qualities of the relationship to continue evermore.The couple tend to tell themselves that despite of minor irritations & problems that may arise on the honeymoon their own relation is uniquely blessed . Regardless of experience of others they expect their romantic high to continue indefinitely. It is this romantic bliss that helps the couple through the early days of marriage . Although a marriage cannot endure on fun alone , THE HAPPY HONEY MOON STAGE OF TRANSITION TO MARRIAGE helps in establishing a stable foundation of marriage.


Disillusionment & regret is often referred to as the HONEYMOON IS OVER. It is characterized by conflicts & regrets about the marriage . Now one or both partners feel they have made a grievous mistake & are trapped in an impossible marriage . Even though sexual & other aspects of marriage may be satisfactory , the hope & fantasies of the engagement , marriage & honeymoon periods are replaced by disillusionment & disappointment . Now the previously inseparable love birds blame each other for not living up to what was promised during the courtship because of the this couple experience a mounting sense of frustration & anger. In spite of the tensions , in order to continue with the relation , the couple should work on the differences in the opinion , values & goals of each other this will only help to resolve the conflict & enable to accept each other .


Accomodations involves adjusting expectations for the relationship to realistic levels .It means building a realistic & durable foundations based on the positive qualities of the early days of the relationship. However it is a difficult task & needs lot of time & sacrifices but it is the most essential stage in the transition from singlehood to marriage.

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