There are some songs, when ever I hear them I think & feel something different from the actual meaning or message of the song & you too will agree with me after reading & hearing these songs.

1) “DIDI DIDI…DDI DIWA ", this was a super duper international hit sung by KHALID who was from Israel, some 10-15 years back. When ever I hear & watch the music video of this song . I feel that Khalid is searching her elder sister. He is screaming didi didi , have you seen my didi any where…..?

2) “TAI JAMALO...TUTAK TUTAK TUTIYAAN, a super duper Punjabi hit sung by UK based Malkit Singh. He sung this song some 15-16 years back. Every time when I hear this song I think the singer is saying please set the curds ( dahi jama lo ).

3) “AATI NAHI ...HA AATI NAHI this was a song from the movie PREM staring SANJAY KAPOOR. When I saw the song on TV, I felt that Sanjay is trying to convey that he is not able to pass stools rather than his dream woman is not coming in his life.

4) MERAE HAATHO MEI NAU NAU CHUDIYAAN HAI THODA THARO SAJAN MAJBOORIYAAN HAI a song from the movie CHANDINI staring Shridevi & Rishi Kapoor. This was a hit song & all the girls used to dance on this song in weddings. However I always thought that haatho Mei chudiyaan hai ya hathkadia. ….Chudiyaan pahnae se koi majburi nahi hoti . Yeh to khali 9 chudiyaan hai , Rajsthan mei to 2 dozen chudiyaan ek ek haath mei pahntae hai aur fir bhi koi problem nahi hoti kaam karnae mei ya kisi se milnae milanae mei. Therefore I changed the song MERE HATHO MEI HATHKADIAYAN HAI THODA THARO SAJAN , INSPECTOR SAHAB HAI ……

5) “ SAU SAAL PAHALE …HUMAE TUMSAE PYAAR THA …AAJ BHI HAI AUR KAL BHI RAHEGA .The only thing that comes into my mind when ever I hear this song is that the singers are not normal human beings they are ghosts ………

6) " AI YA YA...MEI KYA KARU SUKU SUKU........, On hearing this song I think "AI YA YA MEI KAR KARU HO GAYA SU SU "

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