In a lay man’s definition a leader is a person who leads ,who knows the way , who shows the way& who walks the talk. Every social group has a leader within a family of four a father or a mother can be a leader. In a class a monitor is a leader . However every leader has his own style of leading the group.

Most of us are aware of two styles of leadership namely AUTOCRATIC & DEMOCRATIC .However Autocratic & Democratic are two extreme styles of leadership , there are several other styles of leadership which are combination of Autocratic & Democratic leadership .

1) AUTOCRATIC STYLE :- Autocratic style of leadership is also know as DIRECTIVE STYLE OF LEADERSHIP .An Autocratic leader makes all decisions by himself or herself & expects the whole group to follow his decisions . If any body questions or does not obey than the autocratic leader uses all kinds of negative techniques to ensure that his decisions are followed by every one . Generally under Autocratic leaders the group remains unhappy . However Autocratic leadership is required when the group has unskilled members or the members are highly indisciplined or during emergency situations like fire , storm etc.Autocratic leaders are further classified as

A) HARD BOILED AUTOCRAT :- This type of Autocratic leaders believe that they are the best & only Autocratic style of leadership can get things done from people .

B) BENVOLENT AUTOCRAT :- This type of Autocratic leaders are kind hearted & therefore uses positive techniques to make the group follow his decisions . For instance they may give leaves to employee .

C) MANIPULATIVE AUTOCRAT:-This type of Autocratic leaders are very dangerous as they will ask the group for their suggestions but at the end they will ask the whole group to follow what is already decided by the leader himself .

2) BUREAUCRATIC STYLE :- Bureaucrat leader is said to lead by the books ( BOOKS OF RULES )Such leaders sticks to the book of rules & procedures . They neither make decision by self nor he allows his subordinates to make decision .

3) FREE REIN OR LAISSEZ FAIRE :-The leader expects group to make decision ie leaves completely on the subordinates .Creative people work best under Free rein style of leadership. However there will be chaos in case of inexperienced & uneducated people .

4) PATERNALISTIC STYLE :-Is the style where the leader takes the role of FATHER FIGURE & treats the employee as his own children & all the employees perceive the business as family business . In return leader expects obedience ,respect , loyalty from the employees . However trade Unions has affected PATERNALISTIC STYLE OF LEADERSHIP .

5) DEMOCRATIC STYLE :- A democratic leader is one who allows the group to participate in the decision making process . The final decision has the elements of everybody’s suggestions . The group under democratic leader show lot on initiative .

Each of us lead the group in a different way &also each of us are member of various social groups therefore we should be aware of the different styles of leadership & the advantages & disadvantages of each style of leadership.

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